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Fitness with A difference

Fitness with A difference  

What’s so different about “Hyper fight club” Bootcamp at SMA Lifestyle Studio, to Bootcamps you see elsewhere?

hyperfightSMA1Most fitness boxing/kickboxing set ups are not concerned about you learning correct techniques or form, they are more focused on Cardio and calisthenics. With correct technique and form, however, you are less prone to injury and can train for longer and build on your fitness gains.


Some classes and coaches out there will just teach you enough in the class not to hurt your hand on a target or bag, not very challenging. Some classes will only do techniques in the air to music without any real focus or use of targets.

But, why hit targets, focus mitts or punch bags?

Firstly, it’s VERY EMPOWERING and FUN! The second reason is your power responds better to receiving resistance in movement. When you hit the target you not only create resistance and force, but you also receive that force back through your tissue fibres. This helps massively strengthen and tone your muscles much quicker than air punching or kicking.

Most coaches are not trained to teach you how to deliver strikes correctly as these techniques are learned through years and years of martial arts training.

“Hyper fight Club” fitness kickboxing Bootcamps are Different !

In each class you will have a great workout with our Combat Sprints interspersed alongside Pro-Combination Segments. Pro-combination Segments are the core techniques professional Athletes use in the ring! Every technique is tested and used by the best! Along with this and other super focussed training, you’ll be loving the variety and intensity, as well as the ophyperfightportunity to take the odd breather! This is where the experience of your Class instructor will really pay off and pretty soon you’ll be punching and kicking like a PRO!

After a few short classes you’ll be feeling confident in throwing these techniques correctly and get even MORE out of your Pro-combination segments as we build your skills each week.

You’ll have real techniques you can defend yourself with.

There is No confidence like Self Defence Confidence!

The Hyper fight club class experience

Warm up

Martial arts sparring plyometrics and advanced flexibility routines.


Solid foundation

Practice powerful striking and kicking techniques for a solid foundation and form.


Combat sprints

Partner up in class to challenge yourself with fast cross training exercises.


Pro combination

Learn pro-combinations and drill to perfection.


Fitness with a Difference

Get your body into GREAT SHAPE whilst Learning Real Kickboxing moves, combinations and techniques.


And the bonus is that these classes set you up for success. Should you wish to embark on a martial art journey of your own and earn a black belt by joining our Adults Solo Martial Arts System classes, you’ll be ready to rock out the basics in class with the best of them. ☺


Much Respect

Sensei Darren

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