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Are you a short-term fitness Goal Setter?

Are you a short-term fitness Goal Setter?

Everywhere you look there are adverts for six, twelve, even thirty day fitness bootcamps.
As a starting point, that’s great. However, there is one thing missing. Do you know what that is ?
‘Commitment’. Commitment to “living to improve your life!”
Unfortunately there is no magic pill or quick fix course that will keep you fit for the rest of your life.
Making a start is just taking the first steps in getting yourself into shape. We now need to maintain this for life. Yes, for life. Exercise needs to become part of your weekly habits.
It needs to become a part of your LIFESTYLE! ☺
Exercise is not a punishment, not when you find an exercise structure that fits you. You’ll hardly realise you’re exercising at ALL!

Making exercise a part of your lifestyle means that you look forward to your weekly workouts, and you enjoy the company of others with the same lifestyle goals as you.

You belong to a team. Once you embrace a commitment to staying healthy on a daily basis, you’ll never need to take another quick fix camp again.

Why? Because you’ll never be out of shape. It doesn’t matter what season; summer holiday, festive holiday, you’ll not have to worry about getting a beach body or putting on a few extra pounds over festive breaks. Instead you’ll enjoy all these break, be in great shape, and allow yourself some extra treats; glass of wine, a pudding…….. all with a smile on your face, not a New Year ‘drudge’ of ‘I must lose weight………… again!’.

We all need to start somewhere. Our short starter camps are great!!
We offer them ourselves, however, the difference is that we encourage all starters to make their exercise part of an ‘all year’ lifestyle ☺

When you train with us at Hyper fight Club Fitness you become part of the family, we help you with weekly motivation, we all wear a cool, Hyper Fight Club T-shirt, why? Because we belong to a team and all work together, climbing the ladder of success.


Ask about our Hyper Fight Club Gosforth Fitness, love to have you on the TEAM!

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