Unleash Your Confidence With

Solo Martial Arts!

Unleash Your Confidence With Solo Martial Arts!

Unlock Your Potential and Boost Your Confidence At Any Age!


Are You Lost In Fear?

Leave The Comfort Zone

Are you tired of feeling held back by a lack of confidence? Does self-doubt prevent you from reaching your full potential? At Solo Martial Arts, we understand the challenges that individuals of all ages face when it comes to confidence. Whether you’re a child, kid, teen, or adult, confidence plays a crucial role in every aspect of life. It impacts your relationships, career opportunities, and personal growth.

You need to become more confident and know your true worth.

Let's control any situation by increasing your mental strength.

Stop the fear of bullying by learning defense techniques.

Don’t worry! With Solo Martial Arts you will become the best version of you!


Even if you are a child or an adult, you can fight with...

Self-doubt prevents you from fully expressing yourself and embracing new opportunities.

Struggling with a fear of failure and judgment that is overwhelming, hindering your progress and preventing you from accepting new challenges.

Feeling uncomfortable and insecure when meeting new people or walking into a room.

Low self-confidence and this can permeate your personal relationships, your academic or professional activities and even your general well-being.

Now you have the chance to beat this with Solo Martial Arts!


Harness the perfect "resources" to unleash your maximum potential.

Our skilled instructors, proven methods, and tight-knit community will be by your side, providing unwavering support, guidance, and encouragement.


Our team of professional instructors is dedicated to providing unique, enjoyable, and safe classes, ensuring that you receive top-notch guidance and personalized attention for you or your children to maximize your progress and learning experience.

Tailored Programme

Each programme is designed to help you or your child achieve specific goals, whether it's building confidence, improving focus, or working on fitness and weight loss.

Supportive Community

Our team of professional instructors is dedicated to providing unique, enjoyable, and safe classes, ensuring that you receive guidance and personalized attention to maximize your progress and learning experience.


Kids often grapple with fears and obstacles, but... We're here to guide them!

Imagine your child having the confidence to take on any challenge that comes their way. With the self-assurance and belief in themselves, they can conquer their fears and achieve their goals.


At Solo Kids Academy, we work to cultivate this confidence in every child, knowing that it will open up a world of opportunity and success for them. Empower your child with confidence, and watch them soar to new heights.


We have changed the lives of hundreds of people!

Our programmes and experience have helped hundreds of people, children and adults, to become stronger people, now living life to the fullest!

“Our daughter visited for an introduction today, and she can’t wait to start next week! Already this meeting has had a profound effect, and she proactively mentioned the need to take responsibility for her kit, the importance of respect – I am so impressed and cannot wait to see her grow and develop further under their able guidance!”


– Malarsee Home

“I’ve been a part of Solo martial arts for a little more than two months and I must say it is a great place for beginners like me in their 30s with no previous experience to even try and attempt kick boxing or martial arts. I would like to express my gratitude to Sensei Dee for her patience with all the newbies.She is like this ultimate source of positivity and encouragement, Sensei Darren too keeps up everyone’s spirits and tries to better our techniques. It has helped me immensely not only in strength and stamina but also mentally.”


– Dr Singh

every word is precious

Some Wonderful Words From our clients


“I recently had my 1-2-1 introductory session here with Sensei Dee & it was absolutely brilliant! It was the perfect introduction to help me get started as an adult beginner with no previous experience. Dee was fantastic, she really made me feel at ease during the whole process which gave me the confidence I needed to move forward into her weekly classes. I look forward to getting started!”

- Rosie Lazzari


“I recently completed my intro sessions with sensei Dee who was brilliant and understanding about some physical limitations when training. Just finished my first session and it felt great. Genuinely fun whilst pushing me to get better and feeling comfortable the whole time. Cannot wait for the next few sessions”

- Asima Riaz


“I have signed my son up for children’s class last year. I was impressed with the mixture of techniques and the fact that Sensei Dee has child psychology under her belt! As I was observing how children develop their skills and followed Solo on social media I gave it a go with a 6 weeks course and I love it! Adults class is for all abilities and you almost feel like it is 1 to 1 the way they teach at Solo. I highly recommend giving Solo a go”

- Katarzyna Tambor


“My son had a placement evaluation last week and his first session week commencing 24th jan. He thoroughly enjoyed his first session and came out beaming with pride with his confidence stripe. I chose solo for the primary basis that it is based on child development and promoting positive social and emotional well-being as well as the physical development. I can’t wait to see how my son develops from accessing solo sessions.”

- Danielle Fleming


“I Just got my son enrolled for physical fitness, to build confidence. I got recommendation from my friend. I have to say it is the best decision I have taken. My son is so happy and excited for the next class. For the first time he went to bed on time, no restless sleep. It is the best decision I took and I will continue taking my son there. I highly recommend solo martial arts for kids and adults.”

- Ralic Gaming


‘Visited this evening for an introduction and my Son totally loved it! He is so excited to start next week. Dee really listened to what we wanted to get out of joining the Academy and really put him at ease by being so friendly and approachable. She made him feel like he could do it – which as a parent was the most amazing thing to see and observe! Just phenomenal! What an exciting chapter this is going to be. I would highly recommend – 5*”

- Amy Smith


Darren Hunter will help to make you better.

Darren Hunter built this place with a passion for martial arts, a place where you too can get better.

With some of the best programmes in the world, you know you’re in good company.

You don’t have to feel intimidated by that big gym environment. Darren cares about the development and success of all his clients.

At Solo Martial Arts, we understand the unique challenges individuals of all ages face when it comes to confidence, and we're here to help.

Our comprehensive programs and experienced instructors are dedicated to empowering you or your child to overcome self-doubt and embrace true confidence.

Our motto, "Create a Better You!", encapsulates our commitment to personal growth and transformation

It’s time to find out who you really are!


The first step is here! Embark on your journey to transformation today!

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Create a Better You!

Stop all fears and insecurities now and say welcome to the new version of you with full of self-esteem and courage!