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Remember your purpose for exercising

Remembering your purpose for exercising

I was doing a little leg workout in my garden on the Sunny weekend and thought I would share a “mindset’ Training tip I use myself.

Remember Why

Don’t let the warm days stop you from exercising. Exercising a little is better than doing nothing!
Whenever you feel like not doing it, whether it’s too hot, too cold. Remind yourself of your purpose, the why.

Why are you exercising?

For myself, it is simply for mobility.
Remember that many people have a goal of losing weight, that’s great! What about after you achieve that desired weight. Do you stop exercising and wait for the weight to return and start the roller coaster again?
Why is been ” 10″ stone/Kg important to you?

Your ‘Why’ could be as simple as the ability to build better connections with your children by having the energy levels to keep up and play in the park or back garden, that quality time together.
For children, there is much good reason why exercising is extremely important.
As adults, we tend to forget about ourselves.

I hope this has helped? We all struggle with motivation from time to time.

Each week become your best
SOLO ” A better You!”

Coach Darren 

Founder of SOLO 


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