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Holiday Mode

Parent Tip:
“Holiday mode”
During holidays you’ll notice a huge difference in your child’s focus.
They naturally shift away from all their responsibilities and routines.
Very simple, kids ALWAYS want to do what their FRIENDS are doing.
Talk of gaming.
Taking a trip.
Not doing anything at all. (aka the lazy vacation)
Hanging out.
While all of these things are great socially for our kiddos, it’s important to understand how powerful the direction of mind can be.
If you’ve ever had the experience of trying to get your child to go to school, after-school class or any other structured activities….. and it was like trying to tame a tiger.
This is why it happens.
Quick question to all the parents: when you were on the best holidays of your life did you tell yourself “I can’t wait to end this vacation and go right back to work!”?
Here are some tips about not taking a ‘lazy vacation’:
We highly recommend keeping an active routine during a break.
1. Read with or have your kids read a few pages a day in a book.
2. Have kids do something physically active every day.
3. Make sure to bring them to Solo Martial Arts  on their regular days.
4. If you travel, you and the kids put away the screens and have meaningful conversations.
5. Play martial arts with the kids.
6. Make sure they do chores whilst away.
Do some or all of these to keep your child on the path to success.
We love the idea of relaxing, even though we relax we still need to grow.
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