Stop Bullying ebook

Helpful information for mums and dads about the subject of bullying

I have been studying martial arts since age ten because of bullying problems and has remained part of my life ever since.
Below you will find LINK to my ‘Stop Bullying’ ebook written by myself on the issues of Bullying. Unlike many other experts out there I talk from personal experience having been bullied mentally & physically from the age of seven upwards. It was very tough!!.
My goal is to help your child learn how to have confidence and succeed and not become a victim of bullying which no matter what the media or schools say still goes ON!

So…What’s Waiting For You Inside My Book?

  • An Introduction to Bullying
  • Be Confident |Anti Bullying
  • What is Bullying?
  • Has My Child Become a Victim of Bullying
  • Mobile Phone Bullying
  • Self Protection Training Skills
  • Social Media Bullying

The link:

Stop Bullying ebook

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