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Consistency is the Key to success in Fitness

Consistency is the Key to success in Fitness

Now I know for a lot of you, boredom of your fitness class is the number one factor for stopping.

That, and when it’s cold and wet, and you don’t want to step out of your home ☺

Of course, everything is great to start with, and then the shine wears off.


Unfortunately, that will happen with almost anything.


The problem is that the benefits of what we may be doing are easily forgotten in favour of a warm fire or snuggly sofa!

We can feel fit, so why not take a break? That’s the worse action we could take, because before long we might slip back into old bad habits: body, muscle and strength built, can revert back to how it used to be over time. Then it’s back to looking for a quick fix course to get back to where we were.

Not great.

So what causes the lack of focus?

A key factor can be your exercise programme. Maybe it doesn’t allow for you to challenge yourself. Possibly you become used to the same reps, tempo of your training, and without guidance, or a motivator to push you beyond you comfort zone, you’re not making any new gains.

A Good exercise class should track your performance and allow for personal improvement…


Do two Workouts the same……. Why?

We try to make every workout experience feel different; stopping boredom, and despondency, we also do two workout classes for the students at the same time.


Why? Because it builds confidence, and great form, good understanding of your exercises.


Have you ever been to a group exercise class were it took you the whole class to understand properly how to do the exercise, and then the following class, you’re doing something completely different, making you loose your way even more!


Its horrid because you don’t fully get the benefit of the movement and it feels like there is so much to learn.


In our fitness kickboxing and boxing segments, our team take time to really show you how to do the techniques like a pro!


The following class you get to do the same techniques again, this time you understand what your doing, and you get to improve on the technique, you perform better! So you get a lot more out of it!


It’s a different approach for a different experience, a different lifestyle, a different result!

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