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Stop Dieting

Stop Dieting, odd thing to say you may thinking!

Their will always be a pay as you go exercise class, A  four, six, twelve week bootcamp, new diet , new way to burn calories. A fast track to prefect body size in xyz amount of weeks, and the list goes on!

Your body weight could be going up and down drastically which is not good for your body.

We all should gain and loose a little weight through the different seasons, it’s natural and healthy.

Health is a lifestyle choice. If you choose to look after your health you need to find a lifestyle exercise choice. New habits take time.

how long have you been brushing your teeth? We never go a year and think, “I should start brushing my teeth again” we choose to look after them daily the best we can.

What about the rest of the body? If you choose something that fits you. you’ll be working out for life, no more dieting 🙂

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You could choose cycling, running, swimming, walking and yes! Martial Arts.

Dosent matter what you choose as long as it fit YOU.

I’ve been lucky enough as a kid. I’ve lived in areas of the country such as Cumbria, North Yorkshire, Wiltshire. So i was introduced to the beauty of walking, I still do this everyday, go for a walk along with my martial arts training.

The Biggest investment you can make is in yourself.

Wishing everyone a healthy week, go out there an become A better “YOU”


Sensei Darren



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