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Keep yourself moving!

A lot of things I have not had to face, like bad blood pressure, high cholesterol, I’ve been lucky enough to be a profession martial artist. however I can share stores of other people that I have helped through my SOLO lifestyle studio.

Here’s a fact you may not of thought of, that our bodies in our 50’s are a direct result of what you’ve done in your 30’s and 40’s.

Think about it , that’s twenty years of hard work into eating and not exercising. A great goal, if thats what you wanted!

Would you want high blood pressure? High cholesterol levels? Bad mobility? I’m sure you wouldn’t.

I had a gentleman in his 50’s start training with me because his doctor said he needed to control his blood pressure and cholesterol, for this post we shall call him “Bob”.

Bob was like many, spent all his years working long hours, travelling around the world, stopping in hotels away form home , eating what was easy, on his days off happy to just sit down watch TV, listen to music with glass or two of wine. No time for exercise or even too tired to bother.

When he came to me for kickboxing & martial arts, he was a little skeptical, thinking; this is a young mans game, I can’t do all that flash kicking ” as he then started informing me of bad knee joint.

However , Bob trusted my judgment. I put him into a beginner class and started to work on his fitness levels , with his techniques. We started out slowly, safe working on mobility and gradually increasing stamina.

After a few months he could see a difference in his fitness levels, his doctor gave him good news that his cholesterol and his bad knee were all under control.

Solo kickboxing Newcastle

As he told me later, he’s never been one for the gym. In his words “It’s boring” where as my workouts are always fresh yet always challenging enough to maintain a healthy body.

It’s now become part of his lifestyle, the part of the week bob enjoys and waits for, as it takes his mind of work, he feels fresh, motivated and with no guilt now about having a glass to two of wine on the weekend.

The trouble with most exercise it is a band aide . People are told to do courses and achieve a small goal then thats it, they just slip back into their olds ways. Fitness has to be a lifestyle, part of your life just like food, water and sleep is.

There’s lots of money to be made in offering the latest quick weight loss schemes. However such schemes are short term and some times dangerous.

So why is martial art such good exercise alternative?

Because your exercise is with a purpose, the movements you learn all tone your body as part of the training. That’s why there are martial parts inspired workouts like “body combat”, they know it works and has been working for centuries.

You’ll learn how to defend yourself as well as others such as your family fromm harm (I”ve had not even mentioned the mental benefits from building your inner  self confidence and friends you’ll make in the classes) Not the mention the mental and social benefits found in martial arts. Benefits like confidence and new friends.

So if you though your to old to change or martial arts was just for kids I’m pleased to tell you it’s never to late.

Interested in how we can help you, become  a better “You” ?

Please drop me a message.

Thank you for Reading

Sensei Darren.




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