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New SOLO equipment

New SOLO equipment

kickboxing Shin Guard
SOLO Shin guards

Watch out in the coming months for the arrival of our ‘New Look’ focus mitts and our shin & instep guards.
These shin guards are great quality with a thicker foam cover to the front of the shin area for extra protection.
Perfect for practicing in class for low leg kicks and defences .
Safety is always our number one concern. Giving you an enjoyable class experience without all the bumps and bruises going to work next day, makes waring the right kit good sense. ☺

New focus mitts.
SOLO Studio 2 will have a new selection of quality focus mitts ready to use in classes. Nothing worse than using equipment that is worn out and past its best!

SOLO Focus Mitts
Always investing in and replacing our training equipment in a timely fashion.
Good news is you’ll find these pads available in our pro-shop area too, perfect for home practice to give you that extra edge in your training, keeping you sharp for belt testing and looking top notch in classes too.

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