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Feeling Grateful

Positive Mindset
Today I’d Thought I ‘d share an idea with you 🙂

The idea of Gratitude……..
Lots of times busy life takes over and we all get down time to time, feeling the world is coming down on us, even at times feeling disappointed with our selves.

so heres a concept to keep you positive and focused…
Try this every morning, write a short list or say it in your head why’ll brushing your teeth, a few things your a grateful for..

This may be

“I am Grateful for my family”
“I am Grateful for the house i live in”
“I am grateful for my health”
“I am Grateful I have a car”
“I am Grafeful I have friends”

And the list could go on! everyones list would be unique to them 🙂


You would do this before looking at fb in the morning, emails, taking call, take a few minutes in the morning just for you, set your mind right.

When we think about what we are grateful about we invite the positive action into our mind, for a productive day, lightens our mood and keeps us focused on our goals.

hope that made sense, wishing you all a lovely Day  🙂

Much respect

Sensei Darren

The Amazing Power of Gratitude 

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