The Benefits of Martial Arts for 4-6 Year olds

Intellectually  They are learning at a rapid pace, however typically have a hard time retaining information beyond three commands. Our goal is to teach them how to demonstrate great focus by processing a large amount of information at one time and showing great memory by re-training four or more commands at once while staying in

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SOLO A better you!

My Hour of Power

Sensei Darren Breaks it down: My Hour of Power  I’d like to share a training concept I use Called “My hour of power”. I use this everyday to set myself up for my day. Let me start by asking you, have you had a morning where everything that can, does go wrong? Have you ever

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fitness newcastle

Stop Dieting

Stop Dieting, odd thing to say you may thinking! Their will always be a pay as you go exercise class, A  four, six, twelve week bootcamp, new diet , new way to burn calories. A fast track to prefect body size in xyz amount of weeks, and the list goes on! Your body weight could

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solo kid

Consistently practicing

Consistently practicing The Key to get better in anything in life is to consistently practice and keep practicing! Ask a footballer how many times he has kicked a ball, a skateboarder how many times they practice a trick move, how many times a pianist has practiced their scales or how many times do children practice

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