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Consistently practicing

Consistently practicing

The Key to get better in anything in life is to consistently practice and keep practicing!
Ask a footballer how many times he has kicked a ball, a skateboarder how many times they practice a trick move, how many times a pianist has practiced their scales or how many times do children practice their mathematical times tables.

The next key is consistency. Trying something just once or now and again wont get you the results you want. It’s doing what’s needed time and time again until the desired result is achieved that will get results.

When we were babies we consistently practice trying to walk, every time we fell, we got up and tried again. Consistency paid off! 🙂

In our martial arts training we learn about perseverance, never giving up!
Your coach/ Sensei’s job is to teach you the movements, the skills, show you how to train, guide you on how the technique should look and feel. Then as the student it is your goal to be determined, practice what has been taught in class and then show your Sensei how you’ve improved. Your Sensei will then examine, give feedback, correct and improve your training.

Martial arts is unique in that it’s sole purpose is to make you the best version of yourself. Perfection can never be achieved we can only constantly improve in all areas of our lives.
You progress at the rate you want to progress through how much you practice.
Team sports are about playing your part, learning a set of skills to help the team, martial arts is about helping yourself mind , body and spirit.

Reinforce training at home- it is only when a child practices more than usual that they appreciate and recognize their hard work.


Home Dojo 

Set up a small dojo area at home, practice for 15mins once or twice a week, the curriculum learned that week.
Have fun with your child while becoming involved; hold focus mitts, encourage them. Your child will appreciate you for taking your time to help them be their best!

Home practice can become your Discipline control device.

Instead of having a time out or off to your room, you could have them do a certain amount of punches on focus mitts or punch bag. This helps get rid of any anger whilst they get a great workout.




The martial art lifestyle really comes to life outside of the SOLO academy. The Academy becomes the place to meet up, learn new skills and have that positive reinforcement. Outside the Academy is where the children take these skills and use them in daily life; at school, at home or with their friends. This can only be achieved by teaching the importance of home practice.

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