You are currently viewing What does being physically fit mean?
What does been physically fit mean?

What does being physically fit mean?

What does being physically fit mean ?

The definition of “Physically fit” as found on a google search:
“To be physically fit means to be in a state of health and well-being.
Physical fitness is defined as the body’s ability to function
efficiently and effectively in work and leisure activities, to be
healthy, to resist disease and to react to emergency situations”

Now, how does that relate to you? I’m sure you’ve looked around at adverts telling you how you can become fit with ‘this program’ or ‘taking this class’ can make you become stronger, however is this really what’s best for you?

The truth is no one can define what being physically fit is.

If i said to you “What is fitness?” The truth is being healthy is different for everyone. We all have a different level of fitness to suit our lifestyles. The important factor is that we are all healthy.

Let’s talk about being healthy first.

For your body type, you will need to a certain weight, we want our internal organs like heart, lungs to work at full capacity, keeping good mobility in our joints.

Here is an easy way to find out if you’re unhealthy. if you have children, do you struggle to keep up with them, playing around in the park?
Do you find yourself out of breath after walking up some stairs? Do you struggle with a quick short sprint, like catching the bus before it leaves? Do you struggle to put socks on, or tieing your shoes?

These are indicators that your heart, lungs, vascular system are not working at 100 % for you. You may be putting on extra weight which is making it uncomfortable to bend, putting extra pressure on joints. Your arteries are narrow causing the heart to pump blood faster, resulting in higher blood pressure.

So for you being physically fit would mean being able to run around and play with your children, walk up stairs without shortness of breath. To have good mobility and walk around more.

Different levels of fitness

The truth is there are many different levels of physical fitness, and you need to find the level that is right for you, to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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You may not need the level of fitness required to enter the Olympics or run a marathon. These fitness levels require a higher level of training!
It’s not to say you cannot take your training to another level. Firstly you just need to get to a personal level of fitness to enhance your well being.

Quick fix fitness Courses

Be aware of taking up quick fix solutions, this can do more damage than good.

Because the solution is based on losing weight quickly and the exercises may not be best suited to you.

If you’re heavily overweight and I’m asking you to do jumps, this will impact your joints, you need gentle exercises to get you moving and sweating. Again, not all excise classes are based on one level for all.

Ask yourself, does this class ask me if I have any health issues, my exercise histroy, am I shown how to perform exercises safely, is there an alternative to the moment?

You’re also just focusing on a short-term quick fix goal. The goal is not to lose weight, the long-term goal is to stay healthy for life. A healthy weight loss should happen over a year because the training is as much mental creating new healthy habits as it is physical training.

We live in a society where we want instant results now!! You do not become unhealthy overnight, it takes a lot of years indulging in the wrong health choices, now is the time to make a positive step to “a better you!’

Thank you for reading
Sensei Darren
Founder of SOLO Studios
“Fitness & Self Defence”

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