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We provide age-specific programs for Adults

Unlike other programs that mix kids, teens, and adults all in one class, our adults program is just that: for adults! We won’t put kids in your class, we understand your needs are different, just as theirs are different from those of adults. That’s exactly why we provide the Adults Only Studio to cater to your needs.

I’m sure if you do a Google search for martial arts Newcastle you’ll see other’s saying they teach a ‘Family class’ or they teach 7-12 & Adults all together in one class.

This may seem ideal to you as a family because you’re thinking, ‘Great! We can all take a class at the same time’.

But this isn’t always the best way.

We pride ourselves on being leaders and in that respect we focus on age specific development programs throughout the age ranges. 

The truth of the matter is ‘martial arts’ was never originally designed for children, it was born from the needs of the battlefield. Many instructors are trying to force 

a square peg into a round hole by mixing up age groups and following the ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Some children are above their stage of development and can pick up the more complex movements and, often times, can work along side adults. But that is not the case for all.


As an adult, learning how to protect yourself, family and friends is a big driver when it comes to training in the martial arts.

Now imagine practicing your newly learned self -defence techniques against 7 years old!

A little silly right? And safe?

Can a 7 year old hold pads for you why’ll you blast away practicing your boxing combinations? 

We always think safety first!

Did you know that Children learn best with peers their own age? Understanding how children learn best is vital to helping children succeed. 

Our kids programs are completely different to the adults program as we use martial arts as a vehicle to help children develop and we don’t mix their classes

with adults classes.  

Attention spans 

Children’s ability to listen & pay attention is completely different to adults. A 4 year old would find a one hour class way too challenging

because their physical and emotional development is different to that of an adult. Obvious when you think about it.  

Children learn best through play, as a parent you can have an hour of playtime in the park, notice that most of the skills are running, throwing, catch, tumbling play, and notice how I said play, not focused learning. Not too sure how much an adult might learn if we started a class with half and hour of playtime.  


Children of all years are at different stages of development socially which is why we have two studios at Solo Martial Arts: one for the youngsters, and one for the adults.

We want to help you become ’the better you’ that you are training for. 

And it’s not selfish to want some “YOU’ time. 45-50 minutes where the focus is on you, your health, your mindset, and your goals! 

There’s a true saying that “you can only help others once you help yourself first”, and that includes the young folk around you, be they your kids or a friends or relatives.

As an Adult looking for training I’m positive you’re looking for a way to improve your physical & mental health, to learn how to protect yourself should the time ever come. 

I’m also fairly sure you do not need to learn your left from your right or how to listen and say ‘no’ to peer pressure, and that’s why you’ll get your own adult class and adult Studio at Solo Martial Arts.

If you’re interested in trying out our Adults Only program please click here

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