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Sunday 18th september was a great day a Unity world Games in Nottingham.

This was young Joe Chisholm second competition, working very hard practising throughout the hot school summer holidays with myself Sensei Darren,  preparing for the event.

If you take a look at our Instagram post you can see the development, practise sessions to get it right 🙂


Its a very proud moment when your goals is achieved, Young joe first competition he came away disappointed not winning and this can set-in disbelief about your abilities. I believe you can not achieve success without failing, its the ability to go from failure to failure without the lose of enthusiasm that will make you a winner!!

After his first competition we simply had a good chat and said “now we work on what needs fixing”

On sunday we proved this! 🙂



Very well done to Omar, entering his first sparring competition. Such a honourable, lovely guy, like all our adult members everyone is so supportive, caring, just a great family atmosphere.

Not knowing what to expect, stepping on the mats for the first time. Did very well and is now hungry to learn more.



Wether its your next skill strip, earning that next belt or simply getting into great shape, it all starts with Belief.

Never give up on your self, never listen to naysayers and have belief, Find positive people that will help you, nature you.

Much Respect, Sensei Darren


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