Empowering Children ebook

Every Child needs at a very early age their confidence built up –something I have been very passionate about since I started my martial art journey.
The one promise I always make in my SMAKIDZ Academy  is I will boost your Childs confidence.

And in all my time teaching I’ve been able to do this time and time again with any child even as young as three years old.
My goal is to help your child learn how to have confidence, self esteem and succeed in their life.
This FREE EBook is here to help you understand about How I build confidence in young children at my SMALifestyle Studio and give you a few hints and tips how to help your Childs confidence.
Below you will find LINK to my ‘Empowering Children’ ebook written by myself

So…What’s Waiting For You Inside My Book?

  • Confidence Building
  • Encouraging your child
  • Supporting your Child builds Confidence
  • Comparing your child to others
  • Talking to your Child
  • Laughing with your child NOT at them
  • Be careful what you say around your child
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