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Your SOLO New Year goals

WOW!!! It’s 2017, HAPPY NEW-YEAR 🙂

New Year goals 

I encourage you right now to write done 5 training goals you’d like to achieve this year.

Make yourself a vision board.

What is a vision board you ask?


Simply its board you place up in your bedroom or where ever you see fit with pictures, cuts out of what you want to achieve.

It’s a very powerful mindset-training tool; it’s one I personally use myself.

Physically seeing your goals informs of you everyday, gives you the boost of confidence to take action every waking day towards that goal, re-affirms in your mind. It’s so easy to say something in your mind once and that’s why everyone fails there new –year goal after March and resets back into old habits.


Even more powerful tool is tell your class sensei what you Solo training goal is! That way your held accountable to it.


“Small Habits – BIG CHANGE!”

To set yourself up for success don’t make your goals too big, go small and attainable and slowly build on it.


Lets say you want too be fitter, stronger. Set a small habit of doing 10-press ups everyday you wake up, in a year that means you’ve done 3,650 press ups.

If I asked you to do that number you’d of said “No way!” but look how a small habit of just doing 10 press-ups a day has a massive impact on your life J


Get a dairy

Write down every day in your diary what your 5 goals are. Writing daily reinforces the brain to focus on positive engagement and stops you dwelling on that day’s negative task. To achieve goals you need to take daily constant action without lose of enthusiasm


Your SOLO physical training goals could be;

  • To try new training experiences
  • To become physically stronger
  • To achieve 4 new belt levels
  • To compete in competitions

Your SOLO emotional goals could be

  • Make new positive friendships
  • Smile more
  • To be grateful for what you have and have achieved, pat yourself on the back more J
  • To help others more
  • To share with others more.


Together Everyone achives more.




Sensei Darren 😉

SOLO “A Better you”






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