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Solo Hyper Academy

Solo Hyper Academy Launches

“Inward Investment, Upholding Standards”

We are excited to offer this modern fusion of martial arts , gymnastics tricks and cool weapon performances.

We have been running hyper pro training at our Solo Lifestyle Studio for some time solely for our members only.

We are happy to announce the launch of Solo Hyper Academy to all.


What is the Hyper programme ?

The training programme is suitable for ages seven years plus, the programme is already hugely successful in the USA and is supported by many of the US and UK’s top  level performance martial artists.

The lesson are high energy, dynamic and huge amount of fun. Students learn how to combine their martial arts with gymnastic and tricking skills with a view to them competing and performing.

A fantastic way to increase fitness and flexibility coupled with the boost in confidence that there performance side brings.

Students wills also learn weaponry including:

  • Bo staff
  • Nunchukas
  • Sword
  • Kamas

And will have the opportunity to attend special Hyper camps.

Great Benefits 

Imagine your child full of energy, smiling and becoming more confident everyday. with performance training your child will be learning how to publicly speak in font of others, how to perform and how to respect the competition.

Theres no need to try and coach children into exercise here, they’ll love learning handstands, jump kicks and martial arts.




Worried about Discipline? 

Solo Hyper Academy training comes built in with its own character development programme.

It encourages whilst teaching focus, confidence and respect, the 3 pillars we believe are the skill sets they need to succeed  in life.

We have adopted a process of learning that develops these skills, enabling us through goal setting to created a better individual.


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