SMAKIDZ Halloween Party

Halloween Party “SMAKIDZ Academy” 

Friday 30th October was once again our annual Free members Halloween party.

What a Brilliant Fun Day, the atmosphere energised, parents watching and having a good time. Children all smiling, cheering. IMG_7094
This year saw so many great halloween customs, making the task of choosing a Best custom winner really hard!! so more than one winner was chosen.

No shortage of halloween sweeties, parents been absolute rock stars brining in extra sweets making sure every child got plenty to take home, Now thats what I call SMA-Family 🙂


Halloween party is always a big deal for me, because I absolute love giving! its about getting together and just having fun!

IMG_7114What makes it such a Fun night is everyone getting together, mums, dads, kids, Sensei’s been positive and supportive.

Its all about the kids 🙂
Heres to the Next one in 2016

Much Respect

Sensei Darren 🙂



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