You are currently viewing Self Defence training in Gosforth Newcastle

Self Defence training in Gosforth Newcastle

SOLO Guard program

“Learn self confidence and become a better you”

A fantastic  additional program  available to members of SOLO Studios


Learn Self Defence That really works


SOLO Guard is a real no-nonsense approach to defending yourself. Turn your body into a weapon


Just like Krav Maga, there are no fancy moves, or years of training, just tried and tested techniques that work off your natural reactions that you will use to defend yourself.


Self Protection Skills

Many self defence program focus on just learning to escape an attack, this in truth could be to late.

Self-protection is doing everything possible to prevent becoming a victim of an attack.

Hence the name “Guard” we learn how to guard ourselves from potential threats


Avoidance and Escape?

Classes will focus on teaching you awareness of your environment, and an understanding of an attacker from the words they use, to the body language, you can spot potential threats before they unfold to a point where a physical option is all that you have.


Every week we have a new SOLO Guard class planned for you. Using the goals of the class for the month we formulate our exercises, drills, and techniques for every ability level from beginner to advance.

There is always the next level of ability achieve, learn self confidence and become a better you!.


Fitness with a Purpose

H.I.T (hight intensity training) are anaerobic exercises that increase your heart rate, burn a lot of calories and mimics what it’s like outside in a self defence scenario.


Practical Exercise

Self defence that’s designed to be simple. Practical exercises like press ups, squats, and sit ups build your body up as they work all muscle groups and also reduced the risk of injury why’ll getting into the best shape of your life!


Women’s Only Self Defence Workshops

Ladies Self Defence workshops Newcastle

We provide our local community with FREE  Ladies Self Defence workshops

It may be hard to imagine being attacked but it happens in Newcastle everyday. These attacks occur without warning and when individuals least expect it. It is extremely important for everyone to be prepared for times like these and that is why we take the subject of self defence very seriously. By learning the basics of self defence you help prepare yourself for dangerous and unforeseen circumstances.
During this workshop you will learn:
* Situational awareness
* Vital parts of the body that are vulnerable and easy to attack
* Basic strikes and kicks
* Defences for the most common attacks on women
* Plus a whole lot more



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