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Responsibility of Parents When It Comes to Cyberbullying

Cyber bullying is one of the biggest challenges we face, especially as parents in this new age of technology.

If we look at how technology has changed our lives it’s remarkable and kids are using technology like we’ve never imagined. So here’s the problem, kids are using technology – and sophisticated technology – but as parents, we are usually not up to speed with the technology levels that our kids are. It would be like – and this is what cyber bullying is about – if I speak French and you don’t and my whole world is French, how are you going to know what I’m doing online?

That is a major problem. If you’re going to give your kids technology as a parent you need to be sure that you know the language.

Otherwise you’re giving them free access to a world that’s dangerous potentially and you’re never going to know how to find it or what to do about it. That’s the scariest thing. Get up to speed, that’s number 1.


Written by Dr Joel Haber, Bully speaker, counselor & public speaker

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