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Reflect on your Accomplishments

Reflect on your accomplishments

Hi everyone, the year is coming to an end.

All through the year, you have been excited and motivated to go full steam ahead into 2019.

Remember to reflect and be proud of everything you’ve achieved this year. Very often we get so caught up today’s feelings that we forget how well we’ve done or how far we’ve come along.

Have a good think and revisit those proud moments this year; from earning a simple skills stripe, to perfecting a difficult technique, overcoming struggles, persevering, earning another belt rank, or simply staying consistent in your exercise training.

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For you adults, you should pat yourself on the back for a great year. This coming January you’ll have friends and colleagues talking about how they are going to join a gym, become fitter. Well, congratulations, you just need to keep doing what your dong. As you know yourself, simply joining a gym will not guarantee anything. At Solo you become fitter and you use your perseverance commitment and your coaches help you.

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To parents, Christmas is an exciting time, presents, lovely food, time away from school pick up’s and some cosy family fire time together. Take a little time to let your child know how proud you are of their training this year. Children love praise and there is nothing better than sincere praise.

Stepping onto the training mats all year is a massive accomplishment.

New martial art belts are nice “Yes!” it’s not all about earning a new belt, it’s about helping children express themselves, helping them understand about exercising regularly and setting those adult healthy habits early. Stress relief, bonding and socializing with children their own age after school. instilling self-belief and self-esteem to combat bullying issues are all great skills.

Every student has come a long way from when they first started. Its sometimes hard to remember, because our memories are only fresh on what’s happening today.

So this will be a timely reminder to remind you of how awesome you all are. SOLO KIDS Studio, SOLO Adults Studio We’re all looking forward to helping everyone succeed even further in 2019.



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