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Where martial arts meets the ninja lifestyle

Solo Martial Arts is home to Sensei Darren Hunter’s Integrated School of Martial Arts System – and of Dynamic Karate for kids.

Developed to meet your child’s needs

Our kids’ martial art classes are unique because we split our classes into age specific groups.

What does this mean?

Well, instead of putting children of 7-years-old and 12-years-old together in one class (like some martial arts schools do), the SMAKIDZ Academy offers classes designed to meet your child’s specific physical and developmental needs.

This ensures we

  1. Follow a child-focussed developmental program
  2. Match your child’s physical and developmental ability
  3. Keep your child engaged, interested and wanting to learn more

Keeping your child’s interest

All children develop different skills at different ages. So we offer classes that are specific to what they can handle.

We’re like an infant, junior and high school in one.

After all, a 7-year-old wouldn’t physically be able to keep up with a 12-year-old, just as a 12-year-old would soon lose interest in a class that was designed to engage and challenge a 7-year-old.

We’ve based our classes on studies taken from child psychologists and neurologists, so your child gets EXACTLY what he or she needs to flourish.

And it doesn’t stop there. We teach kids of all ages – and adults too, giving our students valuable tools to them grow and succeed in life.

The children who study with us become more focused at school, they gain the courage to raise their hands and ask more questions (so they learn more), and they become more respectful to each other, their families and the rest of the world.

What Solo offers isn’t just martial arts classes – It’s truly a Ninja Lifestyle.

Where could a journey into martial arts take your child?

Until next time,

Sensei Darren and the team

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