My Martial Arts journey

My Martial Arts journey by Joe Chisholm 

My martial arts journey 2009 Onwards…….

This was me when I was four  getting my 1st belt at Solo. My journey just began

Since then earning  each belt has got harder and harder because you have to keep learning and practising  your kicks, punches, sticks, lamas, and bo staff!!

When I was eight  I was tested for my black belt grade, it was a freezing cold day in february just after my birthday and sir tested me for 3 hours non stop!!

Being told I had passed my black belt was awesome!

My learning hasn’t stopped I m now in hyper martial arts  programme learning how really cool moves and nunchucks.

I am also a junior team leander and help Si and Miss teach in the little ninja classes, my little brothers get to call me SIR!!

Thank you for Reading

Joe Chisholm


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