My Martial Art journey

My Martial Arts Journey By Charlie 

My name is Charlie , I am four years old and I attend SMA basic skills class at SMAlifestyle Studio Gosforth, Newcastle.

I wish to tell you about my martial art journey with Solo Martial Arts.

I have been coming to Solo Martial Arts for nearly one month.

Every session is different and fast-paced so i never get bored or distracted unlike many of the other clubs I have tried.

It’s lot so f fun and I get to run around and exercise lots with my new friends. I look forward to coming every single session and especially love getting stripes on my confidence belt. I have four stripes now so if I keep up the good work I might get a new belt before christmas.

I’ve made lots of friends and love learning how to cross punch and round kick using the gloves and pads. I practise lots at home with mammy and daddy and they said they can see the difference each week in my confidence and listening skills.

I am taught the meaning of respect and how to listen and know that I must show respect to Miss, Sir my classmates and the equipment I am using.



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