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Learning equals earning

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We’re making a change!

……… for the better.


Learning equals earning.

The innovative life-skills education program that inspires children to live life to the full! While they learn all their life enhancing skills they will also be earning their badges, so you and they can watch the skills mount up!

Mums, Dads

Great changes are happening this year. One of the areas in our teaching that SMA is particularly passionate about is the Character Development of our younger students. The SMAKIDZ Academy is unique for this and we consistently support and help your children to live life to the full.


In 2016 we are changing the delivery of our Character Development Program.


As you all know I’m a big believer in Learning and Earning; in other words: reward for achievement. This is a big part of our Culture here at SMAKIDZ Academy.


Children will learn all the GREAT Life skills through earning their very own badges at their own pace. As you know, the martial arts curriculum is not a race, and neither is the accumulation of life skills and great character formation.


Students will earn badges based upon learning and practicing a life-skill until it becomes a habit.


Every two weeks the class Sensei will cover a new Character topic. Once the student demonstrates understanding and good practice of the skill, they will be awarded their badge in class. Your child can even earn this badge more than once for continually living by the character life skill they achieve in.


Life skills Badges can be earned at home too.


How? When we cover the topic “Teamwork” you may tell your Class Sensei’s that your child has been helping tidy their brother or sister’s bedroom, maybe helped put the shopping away. These are all teamwork.


Imagine its Teamwork week at Academy, while at home, you could say “helping mummy/Daddy earns you “teamwork” Badges from Sensei”, wouldn’t that be great? Earning for them and leverage for you, it builds their self-esteem, gives them accountability, and develops a good work ethic for later life, while giving you a great ‘motivator’ to get those little jobs done at home.



Parent & Student Support Material


You will have access via our members Online training website to parent & student handouts which give an overview of topics and helps explain what each topic is to your child.

This covers the ‘earn badges at home’ material too. We will keep you posted as the new program rolls out.


In addition…….


SMAKIDZ Academy Facebook Group


2015 was a brilliant year for all Sensei Dee’s Character Development task challenges, I absolutely loved the creatively and how much the children learned.


These will continue through 2016 following the Badge theme.


No More Homework Sheets


There will no longer be task sheets to print off and complete. Instead your child will ‘Learn and Earn’, practicing a life-skill until it becomes a habit. And there are a lot to earn throughout the year ☺


Where can the badges be displayed once earned?


The Badges are sew on, and the best place to display the Badges is on the Uniform top, sleeves and chest.



Character Development Certificates

Sensei Darren will be awarding students a “Character Development” Certificate once a student reaches 5 Life skill Badges, and this can be proudly displayed at home.


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