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Learning Equals Earning at SMAKIDZ Academy Gosforth

Learning Equals Earning At SMAKIDZ Academy,

The innovative life-skills education program that inspires children to live life to the full! While they learn all their life enhancing skills they will also be earning their badges, so you and they can watch the skills mount up!

This coming February students start learning about the important of “Practise”

Practice: To do something over and over until you’re great at it.

Overview: People aren’t great at most things the first time they try to do them. The best way to learn something and be great at it is through practice. The challenge is most people find it boring and repetitive. But through hard work and lots of practice, you’ll build your confidence when you know how to do something really well.

Student: Everybody likes to be great at doing things but most of us aren’t great at anything the first time we do it. Were you great at riding a bike or doing the martial arts the very first time you did them? In both cases, probably not. The thing to understand is that if you want to great at something then you have to be willing to practice.

The hard part about practice, and doing something over and over, is that it can be boring. The important thing to remember is that as long as you are willing to do it, never give up, and always do your best, you can eventually be great at anything you choose. Once you become great at something, you feel good about yourself and it’s more fun. That’s why practicing is so cool.

Parent: If you want your child to learn something and do it well, then they must practice. The challenge is most children find practice boring because of the repetition associated with it.

As a parent, you often don’t want to force your child to practice. It can be a struggle and you may feel bad for making them do something when they don’t want to. The important thing to remember is that most children don’t have the maturity to understand the value of practice. If you ask them if they would rather practice or watch TV, their choice would be obvious. So when your child does not want to practice, share with them the benefits associated with it such as the self-confidence they’ll gain by knowing how to do something really well. And the best part about practice is that your child will develop good work ethics and excellent study habits”



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