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Just say no to waiting lists! new class times for adults

Just say No….To Waiting Lists! (new class times for adults)

It’s simple enough to type “Adult’s Martial Arts Near Me” into the Google search bar when trying to find a martial arts school in the Newcastle area that teaches adults. And while there are a lot of great choices in town, SOLO STUDIO’S is also the easy choice when it comes to age-specific training programs that use martial arts as the vehicle for accelerating, helping every customer become the person they want to be, both physically & mentally.

We achieve this through our dedicated team of fitness & self defence professionals. We concentrate on you; on your goals and your success.

Because so many adults have been choosing our facility for their fitness and self-defence, a stress relief needs many of our sessions end up having waiting lists.

Adults martial arts in Newcastle

You see, we maintain very strict student to instructor ratios in order to be able to provide the best level of service in an environment that is inspiring fun, and educational. Once classes are full, that’s it; no more students can be placed. It’s all about what is best for our customers, and smaller classes with high levels of connection are what we believe is best.

Adults SOLO martial arts program designed from the ground up specifically for the developmental needs of Adults. Is one of our most popular programs, and often has waiting lists months long. (Yes, people actually wait that long to be a part of what we do.)

No need to feel intimidated by that big gym environment. At SOLO we care about the development and success of all our customers. Our adults program is just that, we won’t put children training along you, we understand your needs are different, its why we provide the Adults Only Studio.

So, we have decided that, since we can’t put any more adults into our current classes, we will be opening a new beginner’s class time for this amazing program.

The new classes will be held on Mondays 7pm, Wednesdays, 8pm,

If you’d like to book  your 1-on-1 introductory lesson, click the button below. Or, feel free to give us a call with any questions at 0191 4476944. You can also pop any questions into the messenger chat button below

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