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Investing in You

Investing in You

We are proud to be investing in you, what do we mean by this?

We invest in our facilities, always pushing the standards so that you can achieve more and enjoy the environment that you develop in.

We treat our Academy like it’s a home and recently we’ve spent thousands replacing and upgrading our facilities.

Have you ever been to a gym where it smells, the toilet is outdated and the place looks like it could do with a good lick of paint? Often that kind of neglect is at the member’s expense. Not here!

That’s not us, we’re not saying we are perfect, but we are constantly renewing and investing. Why? Because we want the best training environment for you and somewhere to be proud of!

Over the last year alone we have invested in a new modern toilet facilities, hot water systems, new flooring, new changing rooms, new chairs and much more!


We believe in replacing equipment on a regular basis too, after all, safety is number one! You’ll always find we’re replacing punching and kicking equipment and keeping everything in tip top shape!


We provide a fully stocked equipment shop and include great training equipment when you join as well as ensuring you have a great choice of quality kit to purchase throughout your training at the academy.


No nasty, smelly, unhygienic second hand equipment that you’re forced to wear (you may have experienced this in other facilities) in our academy Ugh!!

You wouldn’t dream of using someone else’s toothbrush and we wouldn’t dream of making you put on someone else’s training gear! ☺

_DSC0467To get the full experience, you need the right equipment, and that’s why our introductory classes provide you with a brand new pair of boxing gloves and the shop is always there to fulfil your needs as your training develops.





We’re always investing you because after all, it’s your lifestyle! Your family, your place.

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