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Goals: To achieve something.

Goals: To achieve something.

It’s important to have and achieve goals. It builds your confidence and can make your life better.

Goals can be many things such as doing well in school, keeping your room clean and earning a black belt. Goals can be simple and fun like reading your favorite book in one day or getting to the next level of a video game.

The steps to achieving a goal are to decide what your goal is, make a plan of action, and to follow through. The keys to achieving all your goals are to focus, never give up, always do your best, and to work really hard.

Student: Goals are real cool. Having goals and accomplishing them are fun because you feel good about yourself when you do.

So what should your goals be? To learn to play a musical instrument? To make the volleyball team at school? To exercise everyday and eat healthy foods? Goals can be anything that help you to become a better person.

If you are not sure about what your goals should be, ask your parents, teachers or even your martial arts instructors.

Doing well in school, should be one of your most important goals. Respecting your parents and doing the things they ask you to do without having to be told is another.

Another great goal is to one day earn a black belt. You can achieve this by attending all your classes, practicing everyday and earning each belt level on time.

Mum, Dad: Every parent wants their child to be goal-oriented. It builds their self- confidence and helps them to do well at school, at home and in life.

Inspire your child to succeed with their goals by encouraging them to never give up and always do their best.

Setting age-specific goals are healthy to a child’s development. Education should be their number one goal. Goals should also be fun like learning to ride a bike or to bake cookies.

When your child does not achieve a goal, help preserve his or her self-esteem by praising their efforts. Share with them that through determination and hard work, they’ll eventually achieve all their goals.

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