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Family V’s Family SportsDay

Family V’s Family SportsDay

Saturday the 16th July saw our Family event “Family v’s Family” sports day, lovely warm summer day 🙂


Great event, parents bonding with their child and experiencing friendly competition, massive well done to all taking part, especially since this is first time some parents have workout for a long time.

The Day was full of cheers with both children and mums & dads cheering on their own children and each other. Never seen so many smiles in one day.

The event was a great time for parents to bond and experience the martial arts with their children. Unlike other clubs we teach age specific classes and do not put children training with adults. The children really enjoyed showing their parents how its done lol.


Big Thank you to Sensei Dee for organising a great family event.


Myself I had a great Time and very much looking forwarding to holding another one of these events again.

lets see who will become the next winning “Family” on sports day 🙂

Check out more pictures from the event on our instagram click here 

Much Respect

Sensei Darren


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