Different Choices


I’m sure your used to popping into Starbucks or Costa during the week or at the weekends and through the month we never consider what value we have received from the money we spend on drinks and snacks.

For less than we spend on drinks and snacks through the month yourself, your child could get incredible self confidence, feel fitter, stronger, become more co-ordinated and as a result much happier in daily life.

Martial Art is inclusive, everyone gets to do it!! No one is left on the bench

  • You get individual attention
  • Chance to participate
  • You get to learn new skills
  • You get a chance to be best you can be!!


To change your life is all about learning how to make different choices. Are you doing something because its become habit? you’ll be surprised how much money you spend a month on coffee, Cakes, snacks, fizzy drinks, it all adds up.


Think what you could do if you invested that money in yourself ?

Imagine if after 6 months you felt more flexible, your muscles were toned, your energy levels were higher. You had new friends. and your snacking habits changed to drinking water , eating fresh meals and cutting out unnecessary added sugars.


Here to your Health and different Choices, everything starts with the first step 🙂



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