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Hyper Pro training Gosforth Newcastle
Hyper Pro training Gosforth Newcastle

Creating athletes “Hyper Pro training” 


At SMAKIDZ Academy we are all about helping to build up children’s confidence, help them believe in themselves and have the ability to say ‘no’ to negative peer pressure and a massive ‘NO’ to bullying: every child has the right to “Live their life!”

Every student has their own unique martial art journey to travel and goals to achieve.

After studying martial arts for 4 Years and earning his black Belt, young Joe Chisholm, Solo Martial Arts Student, has set his sites on a new goal: Becoming a martial art athlete.

Joe Chisholm started training with Sensei Darren Hunter in a New programme called “Hyper Pro Training”

“The lessons are high energy, dynamic and a huge amount of fun. Students learn how to combine their martial arts with gymnastic and tricking skills with a view to them competing and performing. A fantastic way to increase fitness and flexibility coupled with the boost in confidence that the performance side brings”

After some encouragement from his Sensei he started training hard on his favourite weapon form: The Sword.

Having not competed in any type of competition before, the day came: a trip to Nottingham to compete in ‘Unity Games’.

The Day was long. From a 6am departure time in the morning, arriving at 9am, and finally competing at 4pm, it was gruelling to say the least.

Young Joe watched many performers compete in their divisions, the energy was great with lots of loud and raucous clapping, cheering.

Finally came the time for Joe to perform his sword ‘form’ for the first time. Nerves were kicking in!

Proudly announcing himself to the judges, Joe sprang into his first ever performance! His heart pounded, racing as he strove to remember each move while executing the form with all the energy and focus he could muster! Wow it was done. He stood exhausted but proud, panting and sweating, holding himself upright in front of the judges, he had performed for the first time in front of crowds of peers and a crowded audience.

At this moment the result didn’t matter. The focus, determination, and participation had proved all; this young lad was a winner. Now this young man is training even harder than before and cannot wait to compete again; taking what he learned form his first performance and enhancing those lessons for the next Unity Games. Joe is committed to his journey in martial arts and that commitment reflects on the rest of his life and will continue to do so as he moves through the stages of his life. What a thing to be proud of, and for those around him to take pride in.


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