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Claim your Day

Have you Ever found your self saying “wish today was over!” or Even “Today was a horrible day!”

The reason for this normaly is because you’ve spent the day reacting to situations, allowing the day to take control of us.

You may of even found yourself saying “Wish hadn’t said that!” or “didn’t  mean to that!”

We as human beings we are in control of how we feel, but to often we find ourselves reaction to other peoples state of mind. Im sure you’ve heard the term “lets sleep on it first” this refers to once we’ve had time to calm ourselves we find a solution to our problems or even wonder why we were s upset in first place, fresh prospective

Their are lots of pressures on our day from family and friends. some days it seems everyone wants a piece of you.

Have you Ever felt that your whole day was made up off running around for others? Many of us love to help others and put others first, problem is we can not help others until we help ourselves first. Your mental health is important. Our  state of mind effect what we do physically.


Heres some simple steps to start your day right and tackle the day ahead with positive outlook and mindset, to look for solutions.

Step 1: first moments of the morning are the most important, you’ve heard the most important meal of day is breakfast, well think of this as breakfast for the mind.

On waking up Don’t lie in bed and start browsing social media, don’t check e-mail or even read through any mail thats arrived. Take time to think for yourself, a good way is to say out load or write it down 5 things you are GRATEFUL FOR can do this while rushing  your teeth in morning 🙂

Step 2: Exercise routine, when your body feels good, you feel good!!

Step 3: listen or read a book for  15/20 or 30 minutes, something that inspires you, something motivational, Read material on a personal goal your working towards.

Step 4: Now!! let the world in 🙂


Know I know what your thinking, I don’t have time in morning? The answer is you have to make time, get up a hour earlier , go to bed an hour earlier.


When you allow time for yourself and focus on You, your goals you allow your self to respond to situations better, Because you know its just part of the day, You dont see crises only problems that need solving.

Its your choice to how you allow the world to effect you! are you going to click on the Tv and listen to the world is a terrible place and all negative things they  say going to happen or would you rather think to yourself I’m going to have a great day, start by listing to your favourite music,  show my work colleagues how great you  can be.


We all let the world take over and let everyones problems consume us, we need to take time to be OURSELVES so we can go out and attack the day.

Every day is a Blessing, its your life 😉

Try it, see how you feel after a week 🙂

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