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Believing in yourself  


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Martial arts for children, and adults, is much more than just ‘how to punch and kick’.

Today at SMAKIDZ Academy I talked to the kids about a simple concept:
“Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it”

The message is simple: You may not hit your goals tomorrow, or next week, but you can take small attainable steps towards it everyday, and then you will achieve.

Let’s take the example of becoming a black belt 🥋

You dream it; picture yourself as a black belt, how it feels, imagine the lessons you learn of those black belt qualities.

Then Believe it; tell yourself “yes I’m going to become a black belt” draw a picture of yourself, cut out pictures and place them up as a visual reminder ( vision board).

Then achieve it; take steps every week, learn from failures, and never give up.

You can put this formula to great use for any goal you want to achieve in life.


Martial arts, it’s about mind, body, and spirit…….



Its a lifestyle 🙂



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