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Words to live by

Words to live by… It’s Not About the Presents You Give, but the PRESENCE You Give!


The holiday moments matter more than any other season! The reason why is because children are more emotionally engaged during the holidays, which scientifically triggers neurons that help shape the brain. The more positive emotional experiences children have, the more positive their outlook is on life.


With that said, be sure to spend a little more time than normal enjoying all of the holiday rituals.


For the next few weeks, I will share some tips to help make this holiday season one your children will never forget.


Let’s start with Tip #1:


Let your child help pick your tree, and even let them pick one for their room. If you celebrate a different holiday than Christmas, then let them help pick out the decorations appropriate for your holiday celebrations.


Already put up your tree or holiday decorations? Let your child pick out some decorations to give a teacher, friend, or family member:)


The simple act of having your child become part of selecting the decorations will help them become more attuned with the holidays!



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