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What your Eating

So your thinking of loosing weight and thinking right I need to stop eating junk food, so what do you do?

you normally think right, lets start snacking by eating more fruit, nuts, porridge for breakfast, maybe tuna pasta for lunch, a juice drink for something nice to wash it down with. A low fat packet of crisp or corn snacks.

Problem  is these are all low in protein and fibre so you’ll remain hungry throughout the day and between meals.

A good meal choice would be 3 egg omelet for breakfast full of protein and your body needs this. Lunch time you could go for a jacket potato, evening meal have chicken and rice, this still leaves room for a bowl of salad with dressing.

You can have 3 main meals which are rich in protein, fibre and carbohydrates..

The porridge, tuna pasta, corn snacks, juice, mixed nuts, apple or banana actually have more calories, not what you want for loosing weight.

Protein is VERY important!! 

They are two important times in the day your body needs protein.

Breakfast: your body has been at rest for 8 hours basacily fasting, your body protein stores are low or even used up. so upon waking to get your body up to full functional state and protecting your muscles as fast as passable, you need proteins.

Post workout: your muscles will of literally ben torn apart, they will require assistance in recovery by something called “satellite cell” these tiny cells will rebuild your muscles tissue making them stronger for next time. But yes you’ve guest it they need protein to help do this..




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