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We ‘can do’, can you?


The SMAKIDZ Academy is a children-only martial arts academy. As a result of our expansion our entire upstairs studio is now dedicated to our children’s classes, giving us a child-friendly and welcoming space for even our youngest students.

Our dojo in South Gosforth (less than five minutes’ walk from the Metro station), offers a wide range of classes for children of all ages – our youngest members are just 3 years old.

Even at this young age, we’ve found that children really benefit from the skills taught in our fun-filled classes – and we keep them busy and entertained too.


1          Co-ordination

2          Focus

3          Concentration

4          Motivation

5          Self discipline

6          Self control

7          Fitness for life

8          Fun and happiness

It’s not just very young children who benefit from the skills taught in our dojo. Imagine instilling every child and teenager with a positivity and enthusiasm for learning. And helping to make them to be conscious of the role they play in any community – be that at home, with their friends, at school or college – or here in the dojo.

“To know oneself is to study oneself in action with another person.” Bruce Lee

At Solo Martial Arts we work hard to support each of our members to create an atmosphere of fun and excitement, engendering a ‘can do’ spirit in all.

It’s what makes each session such a lot of fun

Thanks for reading,

Sensei Darren & the team

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