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Using Teamwork at Home

Using teamwork at Home

Young martial artists learn many lessons in class that go far beyond kicking and punching.  In fact, many of these skills can be used outside of the martial arts school!  For example, our Basic Skillz ninjas learn about Teamwork in their class, and this is one lesson our ninjas can definitely use at home.  You see, being a ninja is something that you never really take off. Thus, it is important to practice our karate moves at home.  It is also just as important that we practice our other skills like Teamwork and Discipline at home as well.

Here are a few ways we can help our 5 and 6 year old ninjas apply the teamwork lessons they learn in Karate class while at home!

Set our goals (and expectations) small at first

It is important to understand that when our ninjas are first learning or implementing something, they will fall short sometimes.  Setting your expectations in light of this is the first step to achieving big things!

You can say:

“Let’s work on having great teamwork after dinner by clearing the table together!”

The goal is to hand them small items that they can easily throw away or clean. Don’t forget to acknowledge their “good behavior” when they go back to the table to grab more.

Give them something they can easily do by themselves

Another part of having good teamwork is to be able to know what needs to be done and do it without anyone having to ask. That is something that every great martial arts Black Belt is able to do!

You can say:

“You and Miss Heidi are great at remembering important things! Do you think you can use good teamwork and help me remember when it is time to brush your teeth before bed?”

Our goal is to remind them of how great they feel when using great teamwork at karate. By asking them to help you we are also catering to their emotional stage of development at which they love to make us proud. Hint: You can even say that you’ll tell Miss Heidi how well they did!

Make helping out FUN

At this stage in their development our Basic SKILLZ Ninjas love to have fun and learn best when they are entertained. I can say with 100% confidence that every Black Belt has at some point started using a broom, shovel, duster etc. as a “stand-in” weapon. So get out and have some fun cleaning!

You can say:

I know you love playing with the (insert weapon) at Karate, show me some of those awesome moves again!

Our goal is to get our ninjas busy, take some time and watch them move. We can also explain that if we can work together to sweep, mop, brush or otherwise clean, we will have more time to play “ninja”!

There are many ways we can reinforce the lessons learned in our kids’ martial arts classes! Our instructors at SOLO KIDS Studio  would love to help you come up with more so feel free to ask!


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