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Its a lifestyle

“Live to Improve your life”

Our purpose here at Solo Martial Arts is to help you “live to improve your life”.

Imagine being:

– less stressed

– having more energy to play with your kids and enjoy quality family time.

-having the confidence to believe in yourself, setting new goals for the life you truly want.

  • able to embrace new challenges in life with energy and excitement.
  • enjoying a positive state of mind


Let me ask you a question.                                                                                                                                                                                 What price would you put on your own mental health?

If you had a mind set that happily tackled difficulties and struggles head on, if you gained an outlook that searched for solutions instead of focussing on the problems, and how about feeling better about your own self worth?

How would that make you feel? What would it be worth? Priceless, right?

Every class attended at Solo Martial Arts Academy has a focus. Our Sensei’s are helping to coach your mindset and support your positivity. They do this by helping you to learn how to control your body through martial art stances, blocks, strikes, physical mind and body combinations ,and strengthening your muscles. While doing this we’re helping you strengthen your mind too, enhancing your belief systems and reinforcing your personal power.

Every time you earn a new belt level through grading, you also climb the ladder of success in your life. When you achieve with us, you achieve in your own life.

You become focused on making better choices, you choose your friends more carefully, you have the confidence to take on new challenges, you become calmer, you lean how to not let others effect your mood.


Sounds great doesn’t it? Is all you need to do is attend the classes, learn and you succeed.



I can whole heartedly say that physical fitness never interested me until I began training in the martial arts. Why? Because it was boring and as youngsters it was something that was forced on us all and the benefits were never really explained. Nowadays, we have a magic fix for getting fit, buy a gym membership and all will be well. As an instructor I have experienced 100’s of people coming to me that have gym memberships, and I have to say, they really aren’t fit. This is simply because very few people have the ability to self motivate and continually put themselves through solitary, uninspiring training. So they stop going to the gym.


And that’s the key. We all need help and motivation! And what if your exercise routine could give you more than just keeping you fit?


What if it armed you with the ability to defend yourself too!

That’s what we DO! Through learning the martial arts your tendons become stronger, muscles become toned, you become more flexible in areas you thought you never would. Your mind gets in tune with your body. Fitness is not for 4, 6 or even 12 weeks, its a lifestyle and choice to keep yourself in the best shape of your life. This helps you to live a full life. And at Solo Martial Arts that’s what we want for you too “Live to improve your life”.


Self defence:

So, what is self defence? Probably, your first thought was ‘defend against an attack’, am I right?  You are correct in one aspect, but self defence is also about learning how to stay healthy, yes: healthy.

When we catch flue or get a cold, what do we do? We take medicine to defend against the infection.

Think of solo Martial Arts Academy, and the classes we teach as medicine. Helping everyone to keep a strong body and mind to help defend against the chances of conflict, be that a virus or a physical attack from a person. We educate on eating right to give our bodies the best self defence system by having the right vitamins and minerals.  Self Defence in its most basic form is learning how to keep your body safe form harm, sometimes from ourselves in the shape of poor diet and lack of exercise.


So do yourself a self defence favour today. Keep focussed on your classes, and if you aren’t already with us, call today to find out how you can get the best for your mind and body right away.

…..sharing with you how martial arts is more than just punching and kicking, it’s a culture that really can impact your life now and for the rest of your days.


Much Respect

Sensei Darren

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