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Kids Super Sunday Seminar

Sunday the 21st was our “Sunday Super Seminar” for SMAKIDZ

The morning Begins

IMG_4868A fun packed day starting of the morning with grappling skills training. first was a fun warm up to
prepare the body for the days activities then onto learning how to basic break fall tumbling “forward rolls”. then moved onto a good solid foundation exercise the “Shrimp” this exercise teaches us how to move effectively on the ground.

Basic locks. 

Safety always the number one priority! everyone was shown how to apply the locks safely and under control. Started out learning the “paint brush” from  both side hold position and mounted position, Everyone loved this!! IMG_4956






After a Half hour lunch break it was time to experience Kali single stick training.

Started teaching  co-ordination exercises, moving onto learning to use the “alive hand” IMG_5070

After learning basic control of stick and using both hand started teaching “Hubud” exercise, switch teaches passing and trapping with the stick.



Time for home 

After a fun day we finished with a grappling game, Everyone Loved this with plenty of excitement and friendly competition and cheering.




Myself, My Team had a Great Day!!!


Big thank you to Everyone…look forward to next ONE 🙂


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