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Discover 4 Ways Our Adult Martial Arts Program Can Help You Achieve Success

Everyone knows that SOLO STUDIOS is the easy choice when it comes to age-specific training programs that use martial arts as the vehicle for accelerating development. But, did you know that we use the same developmental methodologies in our adult martial arts classes?

SOLO’s adult martial arts program was designed from the ground up specifically for the developmental needs of Adults, and is one of our most popular programs!
We are committed to helping every customer become the person they want to be, both physically & mentally, and use every tool we have to help you make your goals become a reality.

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Our dedicated team of fitness & self defence professionals helps you achieve this by paying attention to your vision, and helping you develop manageable action steps that will keep you moving forward, while also providing you with the accountability you need to stay on track. We concentrate on you; on your goals and your success.

Our Success is Your Success

It is easy to feel intimidated by that big gym environment when you’re just getting started. No need to worry about that at SOLO, because we care about the development and success of all our customers. We want you to feel like a part of the family, not just another customer lost in the mix.

And, unlike other programs that mix kids, teens, and adults all in one class, our adults program is just that, for adults! We won’t put children training along you, we understand your needs are different, just as theirs are different from those of adults. That’s exactly why we provide the Adults Only Studio to cater to your needs.

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But How Do We Do It?

We help you succeed in 4 key stage development areas of your life:
Physically, Intellectually, Emotionally & Socially

How you ask? Let me explain:

Everyone know that training martial arts is a great all over body workout that, unlike the gym, never becomes boring – certainly not the way we teach it. We will help you become stronger, fitter, & more flexible through our regular age specific martial arts training, which includes elements of kickboxing (a hard-core calorie-burning fat killer), as well as other martial arts disciplines. We also provide our unique ‘SOLO FIT’ high intensity training program for those looking for something a little extra.

Did you know that martial arts training could improve your attention span? Training in the martial arts helps train your brain to retain knowledge and boosts your ability to learn. Learning set martial art movements and patterns can also help develop a stronger memory, and shifting your attention quickly from task to task (known as orienting) helps to keep the mind in a state of alertness. Overall, the intellectual resources involved in training martial arts helps improve your mental attention.

Another key area we help in is personal development. Confidence is built one success at a time, and through greater confidence we can achieve a greater belief that we can succeed, even when times are tough. By helping you to believe more profoundly in your own competence, you will be able to face the challenges life throws your way with a greater sense of peace. We help you to make goals and encourage you to take daily action steps towards them by being a positive part of your accountability team. We all need emotional support whether it’s a “good job” or a listening ear.

SOLO is one big family; we surround you with like-minded individuals following the same path of the warrior – what we call “Budo.” We teach how to use the “budo” of martial arts to enrich all areas of your life, including the interactions you have with others, both within the studio and those whom you will encounter in your daily life. We are all unified in the pursuit of our goals, and through the power of family and community, we spur one another toward success. We sweat, smile and improve all together!

Ready To Take That First Step?

We all know that taking the first step is the hardest. It can be scary trying something new. But… trust us, we have been helping people just like you take the first step for years. We are ready to start this journey by your side. To walk with us, take the first step by clicking here: Adult Program

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