“Martial arts is the prefect escape from the stresses of school work “

“Martial arts is the prefect escape from the stresses of school work “

Hyper Pro training Gosforth Newcastle
Hyper Pro training Gosforth Newcastle

In these modern times children are receiving more and more homework and pressures to perform well at school and further education

Children need a healthy stress relief outlet that will not only help them mentally and phyisacly but also re-enforce goal setting.

What is your childs health worth to you? Daft question right? There’s not a price, they are the most important thing in the world to you.

Imagine if your child could go to school feeling energised and ready to tackle the days tasks instead of feeling tired or stressed! That would make a more productive day wouldn’t it?

The mind and body need to switch off, to stop thinking about problems or tasks that need to be completed.

Top businessmen, athletes, everyone should take time during their week to shut out their work and focus on something different for just 50 minutes twice a week…

Its called stress relief, we need the brain to focus on something completely different, that way we come back to our problems or challenges with new perspective and fresh energy.

Age specific Martial Arts for children
SMA Basic Skills for 4-6Yr olds

Martial arts can do this for children. Imagin if your child had just two days a weeks to look forward to releasing pent up energy and work the body and mind.
Your child’s body will release endorphins through exercises giving the feel good factor, their mind will be focused on believing in themselves, and confidence building through perfecting martial art moves..

In one evening your child will give up 45 minutes to take their mind away from school work instead of 5 days a week none stop school work..



Martial Arts training has helped me a lot through my life especially to be able to switch off and gain fresh focus and perspective and this experience is all passed along to the students at the academy.

Of course, you’ll agree that the Mental health of your child is massively important.

Think what two 45 minute martial art classes a week could do to help your child keep fresh and focused at school. Give us a call to find out more, the team would love to hear from you.


Much respect

Sensei Darren Hunter

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