Be your own Fan

Be your Own Fan🤗
Start to take positive steps in believing in yourself. Start to acknowledge your successes
It’s a sad fact that in the world 🌎 some will try to pull you down, if your self worth is reliant on the words of others it’s a rocky road.
Before we can help others we need to help other-selves.
Feel confident about you then share that with others.
Be careful who you listen 👂 too. Lots of people give a good talk about confidence when they don’t have it themselves.
Best knowledge is gaining from those that have experience the hard and turned it around .
Those that live the advice and not preach about it.
Start this week becoming you own fan with this simple exercise
Every night write 3 things you like about you or something you’ve done today.
“I like that I smiled today”
“I like that I took a positive step”
“I like the. Hat I had with my friends today”
“I like that I felt good after execersing today”
Don’t focus on what people said about you or waht went wrong simple find something positive about yourself.
Enjoy your week 🙏
Sensei Darren

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