What parents are saying about our ‘Personal Try Out’ Introduction

What parents are saying about our ‘Personal Try Out’ Introduction.


What was your first impression of the SOLO STUDIO’S, studio, teaching and our team ? Encouraging and Supportive 


Was your child nervous on their first appointment?  Yes!

Did our team help your child feel comfortable?  Yes! 

How did you, your child find their introductory? Better than Expected 


Did you know our child development expert sensei Dee evaluates your child on their 1-2-1 on many different stages of development to make sure we put your child into the correct program and can help your child achieve their/your goals. 

How did you feel about this? No problem – good 

Would you recommend us ? Yes? 


Can you say in a few words to let others parents know how your experience was for your child?

My son enjoyed his introductory session , and felt it was worthwhile. Dee made him feel related and comfortable, and allayed his nerves. 


Parent: Lorna hughes

Child: Emond Waugh aged 1210year olds martial arts newcastle