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Regular vs. Child Development Centres

So why settle for a regular programme when you can give your child the gift of optimal growth and development at Solo Kids Academy? Let us help your child reach their full potential and become the best version of themselves.

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Parenting the Shy Child

In a world that highly values the traits of extroverted individuals, shy children are often assumed to have something wrong that needs to be fixed. However, shyness is simply a personality trait that is part of their temperament.

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Age-Specific Curriculum – What It Really Means

A children’s martial arts program should be fun and engaging for both the student and the instructor. Creating classes that are truly age-specific is key in making this happen. When this takes place, the martial arts class becomes more of a child development course, which will provide more benefits to the child and will help them learn and retain the actual martial arts material better. When classes are developed this way, they become more powerful, fun, and easier than ever.

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A child kicking a kick shield in a martial arts class

Helping Children Develop Teamwork Skills

There are so many areas in life where teamwork is important
By participating in age-appropriate activities that teach teamwork, you will notice your child become a better citizen in social circles , and a better family participant at home

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Summer kids holidays

Holiday Mode

Parent Tip:“Holiday mode”During holidays you’ll notice a huge difference in your child’s focus.They naturally shift away from all their responsibilities

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Children and teacher learning together

The Second Brain

We have all experienced, from time to time, that uneasy feeling you get when something doesn’t seem right. Often, we can’t put our finger on it, but we know that we feel bothered. For children, that uneasy feeling may show up as grumpiness or irritability

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Super Hero kid

The Power of Yet

Goal setting is a characteristic that significantly links an individual to their future success. Having the right mindset is crucial

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