What’s so different about Ladies “SOLO FIT” program

What’s so different about Ladies “SOLO FIT” program

What’s so different about the Ladies “SOLO FIT ” program  at SOLO STUDIOS, to other fitness classes you see elsewhere?

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SOLO Classes and You

Most fitness boxing AND fitness kickboxing set ups are not concerned about you learning correct techniques or form, they are more focused on Cardio and Calisthenics. With correct technique and form, however, you are less prone to injury and can train for longer and build on your fitness gains. This is essential to long term gain from your training and it’s what you get at SOLO classes. 

Some classes and coaches out there will just teach you enough in the class so you don’t hurt your hand on a target or bag, But you are not very challenged. Some classes will only do techniques in the air to music without any real focus or use of targets at all.


And, why should you be striking targets, focus mitts or punch bags?


Firstly, it’s  very empowering and FUN!

The second reason is that your power responds better to receiving resistance in movement. That’s why SOLO create effective and safe training techniques specifically designed with you in mind. 

When you hit the target you not only create resistance and force, but you also receive that force back through your tissue fibres. This helps massively strengthen and tone your muscles much quicker than air punching or kicking.


Most coaches are not trained to teach you how to deliver strikes correctly as these techniques are learned through years and years of martial arts training. At SOLO, you have instructors with years of training. SOLO helps you get the best from your training. 


What is The Ladies Only SOLO Fit? 

The Ladies Only SOLO FIT program is all about your fitness goals and toning up in a fun and cool way! 

This SOLO FIT is a fusion of plyometric fitness drills and practical self defence skills in a fun, high energy non intimidating environment. With a female instructor who is professionally trained to help you reach your goals.

We guarantee you will love it! 


SOLO FIT Workout

It is a 50 minute class and will include a warm up, stretch, cardio fat burn section, pad work, body conditioning and toning and self defence; all based on a fusion of kickboxing & self defence moves, but with no direct person to person  contact involved.

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Every exercise has different levels, so it’s suitable for all abilities and you can push yourself as far as you want to in a friendly, non competitive and supportive atmosphere.

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