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Black Belt is the Beginning

Black Belt is the Beginning   In martial arts, our very first goal is often to become a black belt! To many, this can feel like a big challenge; a very long way off and difficult to obtain. How do we help with this goal? Simple, we break down the requirements of the black belt

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SOLO A better you!

My Hour of Power

Sensei Darren Breaks it down: My Hour of Power  I’d like to share a training concept I use Called “My hour of power”. I use this everyday to set myself up for my day. Let me start by asking you, have you had a morning where everything that can, does go wrong? Have you ever

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“Poor Self-Discipline = Poor Health & Fitness”

Motivation “Poor Self-Discipline = Poor Health & Fitness” It’s true. Poor self-discipline leads to poor health and fitness. When you’re hungry do you grab something that will taste good and give you immediate satisfaction or do you think first and get something that is healthy and will taste good? By picking something that is healthy

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