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A Kids healthy lifestyle!

Activity to help lay the groundwork for a Kids  healthy lifestyle! Sensei Darren breaks it down; According to KidsHealth.org children 6 – 12 years of age need physical activity to build strength, coordination, confidence — and to lay the groundwork for a healthy lifestyle. They’re also gaining more control over how active they are. School-age

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Children need CONNECTION more than anything else!

Children need CONNECTION more than anything else! Sensei Darren breaks it down; The times when children are the most responsive and happy are when they are most connected with their parents. Everything from getting down on their eye level, physical touch, and committed attention makes a bigdifference. When it comes to fostering self-discipline and self-esteem,

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SOLO Studio punch bags

SOLO Studio 2 Gosforth Newcastle

SOLO Studio 2 Brand new top of the line free standing punch bags arriving for our new studio. Two things we look for when choosing our equipment for members ; Quality of manufacturing; safety, stitching Quality of use; feel, look, ease of use Century Martial Arts of the USA, make brilliant punch bags and we’ll

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Martial Arts Gosforth Newcastle

New SOLO equipment

New SOLO equipment Watch out in the coming months for the arrival of our ‘New Look’ focus mitts and our shin & instep guards. These shin guards are great quality with a thicker foam cover to the front of the shin area for extra protection. Perfect for practicing in class for low leg kicks and

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“Poor Self-Discipline = Poor Health & Fitness”

Motivation “Poor Self-Discipline = Poor Health & Fitness” It’s true. Poor self-discipline leads to poor health and fitness. When you’re hungry do you grab something that will taste good and give you immediate satisfaction or do you think first and get something that is healthy and will taste good? By picking something that is healthy

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Family V’s Family SportsDay

Family V’s Family SportsDay Saturday the 16th July saw our Family event “Family v’s Family” sports day, lovely warm summer day 🙂 Great event, parents bonding with their child and experiencing friendly competition, massive well done to all taking part, especially since this is first time some parents have workout for a long time. The

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